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Just a little something I found and added to. Fits all of us who ride very well.
Some guys and girls know a motorcycle is more than a motorcycle and a road is more than dirt and gravel or asphalt. They know every back road and alley, every side street in town. They know it’s not always about the destination, and they know exactly how much fun you can have between Point A and Point B.
Some guys and girls know what it’s like to have bugs in your teeth and dust from the road in your hair. They know there’s more to life than heated seats and a couple of cup holders. Some know adventure has 2 wheels and handlebars and everything can revolve around that machine.
Sometimes when riding at a gas stop or bathroom break sometimes people will come up and ask me aren’t you afraid to die on that thing? I just look at them and ask them aren’t you afraid to live life and experience all life has to give.
We are only here on this earth for a short time and I want to live life not be afraid of everything out there.
We are the sum of our experiences in life and I choose to have a lot of experiences.
Enjoy your life and ride, ski, race cars or whatever fuels your passion.
Remember when you ride if you just take off and ride without a destination you will never be lost. Your stress will fade away and all will be well.
Michael G.

Mark your calendars September 6, 2014